Target groups

Music events

A festival in the woods or a concert in a stadium, we have what you need.
Together we will find the best solution for your wishes.

Our expertise within the music branch comes from events like ‘A Day at the Park’, ‘Electronic Family’ or ‘Amsterdam Music Festival’.

Food truck events

In The Netherlands as well as abroad we have proved at several events, that our system is simple to apply and produces perfect reports for the organisers and their food & beverage partners.

Sporting events

Either it concerns a football match in a stadium, The European Athletics Championships or The World Rowing Championships, KNIP cashless events produces a seamless payment system. Our initial background is based on local sport clubs which we use in our daily operations. Therefore we have experience in all sort of events, from 100 to 75.000 visitors.

Art & Culture events

Whether you want to organize a fashion show, theatre or music festival, KNIP cashless events sees to a user friendly and onward experience for organisers and visitors.

(The Oeral festival 2016 has used our cash system.)

Student events

Should you want to celebrate an anniversary or a welcome party for new students during a spectacular introduction week, via our system you are able to have a quick and clear insight in all your earnings.

During the OWEE introduction week, Eureka week and Utrecht students fraternity (USC) lustrum students have already noticed how easy our system functions.