KNIP Payment System

Our simple and user friendly payment systems can be used online as well as offline.
We offer a quick, safe and robust, watertight system. The main benefits of our systems focusses on margin improvements and easy payment solutions for your visitors.

Cashless withdrawls

Cashless payments result in less marginal defaults and employees won’t have to administer payments in a cash withdrawal appliance. Also contactless withdrawals result in an easier flow at the bar or counter.

Self-service upgrading

Visitors are able to upgrade their payment account themselves. When you’re working with a cashless payment system, visitors can easily and quickly upgrade their account and no staff is needed for assistance. Therefore it decreases the risks because there won’t be any cash circulating.

KNIP app

Users of the KNIP app will always be able to have a quick insight in their accounts and transactions. By using the KNIP app it’s simple to upgrade your balance by IDEAL, Credit card or Direct Debet.
It’s also possible to receive and lend money via the KNIP app. This comes in handy for fast money transfers with friends.

Token registration system

Do you want to make use of tokens, but still keep a real-time view on stock?
Our payment system makes it possible to constantly keep you updated about your stock. The token registration system registers all sales at individual bars and their specific products, which entails excellent insight in stock levels.