About KNIP

KNIP cashless was founded in 2015 as a sister company of Le Credit Sportif to implement their cash system at events.

The all round cash system of KNIP has proved it’s value at more than 50 events so far.


Willem van Kralingen

Business development

As founder and director I notice every day how our products and services make life easier for organisers of events. Apart from the development of new solutions, making things work is a thrill.


Pieter de Jong

Sales, service & marketing

As director I am responsible for sales, marketing and services within KNIP.
With a growing team we are constantly in search for total satisfaction of our customers. Innovation and problem solving are the key words to describe us.


Pieter Paul van Heeswijk

Finance & product development

From the very first moment I have enjoyed the interaction with our customers and stakeholders. As a co-founder and director I’ve worked at every position at KNIP’s. At the moment I’m responsible for software development and finance.


Jasper Knegtmans

Operational & account manager

The preparation and coordination of events and football games are my responsibility. Therefore I’m able to execute all plans optimally at the event location. I also focus on the acquisition of new organisations and customer relations.


Flip van Rooijen

Operational & account manager

As operational manager at KNIP’s I like to philosophize how we can apply our system to your event. From preparations to finishing touches, my team is ready for you.


Susanne Zaalberg

Events and stadiums employee

As a employee events and stadiums I’m responsible for the planning and guidance of our payment systems and back office activities.


Bram Spliet

Product development

Together with my colleagues I develop different applications and features for our software.
Subsequently I assist in the development, testing and implementation of our solutions.


Toan Mai

Technical service & product development

I’m active at the technical services and product development department, responsible for creating and realising new ideas.


Babette Noverraz

Communication employee

At KNIP I’m responsible for payment cards. Furthermore I operate as employee for communications through which I’m in constant contact with our clients.


Leidy Bolhuis

Marketing & communication

As communications- and service manager I’m responsible for the development of all content and designs of KNIP. My service tasks vary from assisting and leading the service team to direct contact with clients and visitors.


Joep Wagemakers

Trainee Administration

I’m assisting the administration department with their daily tasks. At the same time I’m also enrolled in Bachelor studies to receive my degree in Business Economics.


Oscar Leune

Operational & event employee

After a traineeship at KNIP I’m currently active as a freelancer. My focus areas are events and football games.


Amber Daalmeijer

Stadium employee KNIP & CSXL

As administrator at KNIP/CSXL I am responsible for the preparation and coordination of events and football games. Furthermore, I maintain the customer contacts with the BVO’s.


Lars Vermeer

Operational employee KNIP & CSXL

As operational employee at KNIP/Credit Sportif XL I am responsible for the preparation and coordination of events and football games. With our team, we take care of your event or football game.